Have an Idea for Research Collaboration?


Our research team has a process for reviewing requests for data, study materials, or follow-up of the cohort.


An application includes:

Cover Letter

Brief Concept Proposal

List of Variables, Images, or Specimens Desired


Materials submitted are reviewed by the Senior Investigators Committee, which is made up of individuals who have or had grant support for their contributions in one or more phases of the study. They consider requests in order to advise if the available data is suitable for the proposed project and to ensure that similar or identical data analyses are not undertaken simultaneously.  As experienced RFTS investigators, they can also provide deeper background into aspects of data collection, ultrasound protocol, and methods. Requests for interview schedules also come through the committee.


Please check back for more instructions and samples of materials. While the website is under construction we have prioritized adding information about the study findings. If you wish to learn more sooner, please be in touch with investigators directly through their linked profiles or on the Contact page.